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Long Dark Quiz

A game

For future thinking antagonists

18 rated game

Aim of the game

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Have fun answering edgy multiple choice questions with the aim of predicting their outcomes. Stay connected with friends as the answers unfold in real-time bringing the game alive and you closer.

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The time period

Set a duration from 6 - 12 months. The game will to run in the background as you continue with your lives. Each time a question comes into fruition you and your team are notified and have the opportunity to reconnect with something to talk about.

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Example question

example question

As this question has now come into fruition and we know that the correct answered was ’Dishy Rishi’ the player who picked that would have won a point. An email would be sent to the group confirming the correct answer and showing the games scoreboard.

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How to play

Register your interest for free and gain early access to the 'LDQ' prototype.

Scan this QR code

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Write a question

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So you think you’re funny?!

Wow us with your wit. Sign up for the game and start writing. If selected, your questions will be entered into the game and you will feature on our ‘Question contributors scoreboard.’

Q & A writing rules

Question length must be below 90 characters You can have two types of answers 8 Short fire answers (25 characters or less)6 Full size answers (45 characters or less)

What our players think

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4.9 score

(out of 20 reviews)


Eric M - Jan 8, 2023Loved the game! Great for the entire family. Very entertaining! The questions are awesome!


Sue Stone - Jan 4, 2023Oh my goodness, I had heard it was good, but the game exceeded all expectations.


AD - Dec 22, 2022Loved the game, lots of laughs.